It happened on ...., May 27th 2006. On that day, i wen go to in depok beach, bantul.
When i arrived there, i saw many people were enjoying the beautiful wash such a good moment. But suddenly we were socked by a violent shake in the ground. Everybody was panic. I soon realized that it was a very big earthquake althoughis it struck in very short time.
After  that, i saw the water become shallow. Then, many kinds of fish were left behind on the sand. I was astonisted by the view until i realized there was a huge wave moved fast and came to many people were enjoyed. Everybody all was more panic. It  destroyed everything in its way. On ..... , Desember 27th 2006, a very big earthquake hit the coast quickly withouth any warning. It traveled far inland and caushed serious flooding and loss of life.
I would never forget that day for entire of my life. 


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