Our body

Our body consists of many parts with their own duties. It has 208 bones. The bones are joined together to make a skeleton. The skeleton has three main functions: (a) to support the body, (b) to give the body its shape, and (c) to protect the soft parts of the body. There are more than 600 muscles. The weight of these muscles is about 35-45 percent of the total weight of the body. The duty of the muscles is to move the body. There are also about 8-10 pints. (4.5 – 6 liters) of blood in it. This blood carries waste materials (sampah) away. All parts of our body is covered by about 17 square feet (15793.51 sq. centimeters) of skin. One may say that the duty of the skin is to keep the blood.
A Jodohkanlah kosa kata dengan arti yang tepat.
1. skeleton (….) a. badan
2. support (….) b. otak
3. shape (….) c. menunjang
4. protect (….) d. darah
5. duty (….) e. kerangka
6. brain (….) f. tugas
7. body (….) g. bentuk
8. blood (….) h. melindungi
B. Jawablah pertanyaan ini.
1. How many bones has our body?
2. What are the functions the skeleton?
3. What is the function of blood?
      4. What is duty of the muscles?

Kunci Jawaban


1.        skeleton (e. kerangka)
2.        support (c. menunjang)
3.        Shape (g. bentuk)
4.        protect (h. melindungi)
5.        duty (f. tugas)
6.        brain (b. otak)
7.        body (a. badan)
8.        darah (d. darah)


1.      It has 208 bones (jumlah tulang sebanyak 208 tulang).
2.      The skeleton has three main functions (fungsi rangka dalam tubuh manusia )
a.       to support the body ( mendukung badan).
b.      to give the body its shape, (memberi bentuk badan).
c.       to protect the soft parts of the body (melindungi komponen lembut dari badan).
3.      This blood carries waste materials away.  Fungsi darah dalam tubuh manusia adalah membawa (membuang) sisa-sisa makanan
4.      The duty of the muscles is to move the body. Tugas otot adalah untuk menggerakkan badan.

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