Do we use a, an or some for these words?
Top of Form
  • book
  • wine some
  • rice
  • apple
  • music
  • tomato
  • rain
  • cassette
  • egg
  • food
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Look at these rules
  • We use "a" with objects we can count the begin with a consonant Example: a book
  • We use "some" with object we can not count Example: some milk
  • We use "an" with object we can count that begin with a vowel Example: an orange
Asking questions for countable and uncountable objects
Complete the questions using much or many
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  • How money do you have?
  • How people live in your city?
  • How does that book cost?
  • How rice is there?
  • How apples are there in the basket?
  • How petrol do we need?
  • How children are in the class?
  • How teachers do you have?
Look at these rules
  • We use "How many" for questions using countable or plural objects Example: How many books do you have?
  • We use "How much" for questions using a non-countable or singular object Example: How much juice is left?
  • We use "How much" for questions asking about ONE object Example: How much does the book cost? 
  • Most plurals are formed by adding "-s" to the noun or object Example: book -s = books. Some of the more important exceptions include: man - men, child - children, person - people, woman - women

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